Ca Marcello, Venice, Veneto

Deposit: $1,000.00
Cost: $4320-5400
Based in the home of the Marcello family we will day trip to the mountins and to the sea. Venice, the Dolomites and lots of wonderful stops in between. A day sail can made available for those who are inclined

Deposit : $1,000.00 Per item

* Tickets must be reserved at least 30 days prior to trip.
* 20% off for double occupancy when purchased at least 45 days prior to trip.

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10 days
Start Date
# of Guests
8-12 pp
All Inclusive
all inclusive

Trip Highlights

  • Experience what it was like living as Venetians by staying in the summer palace of the Marcello family, Doges of Venice. We will have full access to this stunning villa and gardens while staying in one of the refurbished wings.
  • Day excursions to the must-see towns of Venice, Padova, Asolo as well as other off the beaten path destinations.
  • Spend a day in Venice proper with the very best native guide. Water taxi on the Grand Canal, view the city from the "Old Post office"

A typical day...

Veneto, Venice & Friuli
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Possible Activities


    We can and will substitute destinations as desired by you, the guests, and as conditions allow:

    Essential Information

    Ask about our 20% discount for double occupancy

    Customers reviews

    Will just say that it was a truly wonderful trip. I loved it all.

    Elizabeth MacDonald

    You can’t have more fun than eating, drinking and taking pictures with John at Azienda Seliano

    ARTHUR Swartz
    Author and food writer

    You did a dazzling job of organizing and planning, from the broad picture to the details, and I had a wonderful time! It was delicious in every way!

    Susan Purdy
    Food write author and painter
    * Tickets Must be reserved 30 days prior to Trip.
    * 20% off for double occupancy when purchased at least 45 days prior to trip.